Stranger Things

by Stern Pinball

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Stranger Things Accessories

by Stern Pinball


Topper - $649.99

New Pinball Machine Part

Stern Stranger Things Topper 03.png
Stern Stranger Things Topper 01.png
Stern Stranger Things Topper 02.PNG

Side Armor - $249.99

New Pinball Machine Part

Stern Pinball Stranger Things Side Armor

Art Blades - $89.99

New Pinball Machine Part

Stern Pinball Stranger Things Art Blades

Shooter Rod - $189.99

New Pinball Machine Part

The official Stranger Things shooter rod is a D20 straight off the D&D gameboard, enhanced with LED lighting.

Stern Pinball Stranger Things Shooter Ro

UV Lighting Kit - $279.99

New Pinball Machine Part

This one-of-a-kind UV lighting kit will turn your Stranger Things pinball playing experience upside down! Custom interactive code will activate lighting during dramatic events and experiences throughout game play, immersing players into the Stranger Things universe. Available for Pro or Premium/LE models - please indicate which model you have when ordering.


Kit contains: New bottom arch w/ LEDs installed, 8 new butyrates, ramp LED boards mounted on install brackets, fasteners.